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  1. Oct 4th

    Benise Fuego! Spirit of Spain

    Armed with his Spanish guitar, Benise takes us on a romantic and exotic adventure through Spanish Flamenco, Cuban Salsa, Brazilian Samba, Parisian Waltz, and more!
    Show Directed and Choreographed by Alex Magno (Madonna, Academy Awards, Jennifer Lopez)
    PBS Special Directed by Nigel Dick (Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Guns & Roses, Celine Dion)
    Benise handpicked the 'Gitanas,' the dancers in ‘Fuego!,’ from a global pool of brilliantly diverse talent. Breathtaking couture fashion and innovative staging and choreography give Spanish dance a fresh and luminous makeover.  

    Backed by a stage full of musicians and elaborately choreographed dancers, 'Fuego!' captures world music at its best, with a show that appeals to the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures, and musical backgrounds.
    A former street musician, Benise began composing original works with powerfully emotional arrangements that are both wild and refined, producing a sound that is as edgy and exotic as it is romantic and sensual.
     “This is a great show for the whole family. We have something for everyone,” comments Benise. “I hope people will be inspired by our story, the music, and the production, and have the passion to follow their dreams.”
    The show that has toured the world!

    Oct 4th

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    The Rock station 94.3 KILOs 40th Anniversary Throwback Show: Blue Oyster Cult & Jefferson Starship

    On Sale May 25th 

    Blue Oyster Cult

    For over four decades, Blue Öyster Cult has been thrilling fans of intelligent hard rock worldwide with powerful albums loaded with classic songs. Indeed, the Long Island, NY--based band is revered within the hard rock and heavy metal scene for its pioneering work. Blue Öyster Cult occupies a unique place in rock history because it’s one of very few hard rock/heavy metal bands to earn both genuine mainstream critical acclaim as well as commercial success.

    Jefferson Starship 

    Jefferson Starship rose from the ashes of another legendary San Francisco band, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, Jefferson Airplane.

    Founder Paul Kantner (who died in January 2016 at age 74) knew that combining powerful creative forces, personalities and talents could create something far greater than the sum of its parts.
    Between 1974 and 1984, Jefferson Starship released eight gold and platinum albums, twenty hit singles, sold out concerts worldwide and lived out legendary rock and roll escapades.

    Oct 20th

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  1. Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes

    Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes

    Only a few artists in history have been capable of defining an entire era in pop music. Ronnie Spector is one of those artists: the embodiment of the heart, soul, and passion of female rock and roll in the 1960s. And to this day, no one has ever surpassed Ronnie's powerful trademark vocals, her gutsy attitude, or her innocent but knowing sexuality. For these qualities and more, Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in March 2007. In 2017, “Be My Baby” was named by Billboard Magazine as the #1 Greatest Girl Group Song of All Time, and Spector was presented with the Legend Award by The Woman's International Music Network at their "She Rocks Award” ceremony. 

    The style, look, and sound of Ronnie Spector continues to serve as an inspiration and role model for generations.

    October 13th

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  2. On Sale Friday June 8th
    Sawyer Brown

    More than 4500 shows and counting. More than a million miles behind them and still seeing the highway miles click by outside their bus window. Twenty-three albums. More than 50 chart singles. CMA, ACM, and CMT awards on the shelf. To pull a line from one of the band’s enduring hits: “This is the life and times of a travelin’ band.” A traveling band, indeed. Always on the move—on the road, on stage, and in their career. When asked about what keeps him motivated on the road, lead singer Mark Miller says, “It’s playing the next show. Be grateful for where you’ve been and be excited about where you’re going.”

    Nov 8th

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  1. 12 years tower

    Kissing Judas & Twelve Years Driven

    Twelve Years Driven quickly built a reputation for high energy live performances. Twelve Years Driven has recently shared the stage with national recording artists such as P.O.D., Mushroomhead, Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, Filter, Saliva, American Head Charge, Motograter, Deadhorse, 40 Below Summer, Parabelle and Red Line Chemistry.

    Kissing Judas is a straight forward original rock band influenced by some of the greatest bands from the 70's to present, and they aren't afraid to admit it. Lead singer Kyle Cousins has shared the stage with artists Jack Black, Steven Stills and the band has played with Ace Frehley, BulletBoys, Janet Gardner, Stephen Pearcy and more! Their originals are arena rock anthems and if they throw in a cover, singer Kyle Cousins can make you close your eyes and think you are back at a Zeppelin, Dio or Whitesnake show. Their eclectic show will leave you wanting more!

    Aug 25th

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  2. Baby Boomer Logo

    Baby Boomer Comedy Show 

    The Baby Boomer Comedy Show is 90 minutes of hilarious clean stand-up comedy focusing on work, family, do-it-yourself projects, and many other topics that these audiences can relate to! Comedians Kent Rader and Jan McInnis are both baby boomers who have spent the past 20 years performing for thousands of business groups, non-profit organizations and other professional events. They have a reputation for clean and funny humor - Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post for her clean humor, and Kent’s clean comedy won him the Branson Comedy festival. 

    January 11th

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